From Cookie Clicker to Candy Box 2 and back again

I am reading about the technology behind 3D printing, while I listen to the soundtrack to Einhander, while I wait for my lollipops to hit the astronomical numbers I need. I go from article to article, reading and listening. And waiting. Finally, 70-something minutes pass and I can finally feed my mill. And though it is an hour later than I usually stay up, I can finally go to sleep, comforted in the knowledge that—some quick calculations in my head later—I will earn about 60% more candies while I sleep for the next seven hours. But then I stay up another 10 minutes so I can afford that next Antimatter Condenser, so I can bake up trillions more cookies while I sleep. My obsession with these idle games has reached new levels of disruption.

It was so much simpler when I began. I read about Cookie Clicker online and my curiosity was piqued. I started clicking away, buying Cursors and Grandmas and buildings. My mind raced with the math—do I buy this Factory now or wait a few more minutes for the Mine? Or is it more efficient to buy that rolling pin upgrade? Hours pass, as I click and wait and occasionally surf. I laugh at the game’s jokes and feel empowered by any significant jump in my CpS (cookies per second). I am really getting somewhere in this game and I only need a few more portals for that next achievement and I am the master of a cookie empire.

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