Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, explains what inspired the weird world of Finn and Jake, the real risks of making cartoons, and a possible “Card Wars” game.

The overall mood in your average TV show set in a post-apocalyptic land full of mutated creatures tends to lean toward the gloomy. Not so in the weird world of Adventure Time, whose nuclear-war ravaged landscape is filled with mirth and magic. That unconventional take on accepted wisdom, and the show’s correspondingly weird characters, dialog, and scenarios, has earned Adventure Time critical success and a large, dedicated fan base.

For the uninitiated, just watching two minutes of the Cartoon Network show lets you know you are seeing something decidedly different. In the show, a boy named Finn and a shape-shifting dog name Jake–who can talk, of course–go on madcap adventures in a post-apocalyptic (yet happily so) land. They fight mutants, wizards, and other bizarre adversaries and emerge as heroes. This colorful cartoon with its off-kilter dialogue and atypical plots is beloved by adults in their 30s and 40s and those very same adults’ kids.

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