Crescent Bay is only a prototype, but virtual entertainment is rapidly becoming a reality.

I look over a gothic cityscape from atop a tall building, a bridge and a billboard are behind me and cars go by a dizzying distance below. Then I’m an explorer on an alien world, trying to communicate with a wide-eyed alien that has two thumbs per hand. But it’s standing in a museum and seeing a towering T-rex coming toward me when I really feel it–the creators of Oculus Rift call this sense of being lost in the experience “presence.”

Oculus Rift’s new Crescent Bay headset prototype, unveiled this weekend at the company’s Oculus Connect conference, shows that mainstream virtual experiences are almost a reality.

“The most important moment of my life in VR was when I saw this kind of quality experience. It was the time where I knew VR was finally going to work. Not just for me, but for everybody,” says Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus. “That switch flipped in the back of my head that said you really are there in this virtual space.”

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