Danny Belanger and Jonathan Morin, two of the leads behind Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, talk about creating an open-world game where players have freedom to build their own story in a not-that-unrealistic near future.

In the upcoming game Watch Dogs, players are able to hack a city’s traffic system to cause an accident involving a dozen cars or black out a chunk of a city with the simple press of a key on their phone. And that’s part of the draw for the much anticipated Ubisoft title–it’s a game that feels eerily in tune with the zeitgeist in a post PRISM world. In the game, set in a future Chicago, players take on the role of hacker-turned-vigilante Aiden Pearce, who can, with his skills and smartphone, hack into the city’s all-seeing central operating system (ctOS) and for purposes benevolent or otherwise. The other draw is Watch Dogs‘ open-world, mobile-enhanced take on action adventure gameplay.

Here, the game’s creative director Jonathan Morin and designer Danny Belanger talk about creating an open-world game, and the chaos of unpredictability.

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