“Listen to what I say, boy!” For a man that killed gods, slain titans, and destroyed temples, Kratos of Sparta faces an an even more dangerous challenge — being a father — in God of War.

This latest God of War installment of the mythological action franchise from Sony’s Santa Monica Studio takes the raging warrior god out of his element, being an embodiment of rage and battle, and puts him in the more responsible role of fatherhood. It also takes him out of mythological Greece to Midgard, the world of Norse gods and legends.

“When we were originally thinking about the game in 2003, the overall vision was that Kratos would interact with other mythologies. When I got back [to Santa Monica Studio] in 2013, I realized we had exhausted Greek mythology,” said Cory Barlog, director of God of War.

“I read a tiny bit of a bunch of mythologies to get a sense of the worlds. Norse mythology stood out as having a bizarre take on the world. The time period is not the traditional perspective of what Norse mythology is, which is the Viking era. We are in the vast expanse of time pre-migration, when the gods and the giants and the monsters walked the earth.”

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