The meditative board game comes to Oculus Quest mostly intact, but some issues may make you lose your cool. Here is our full Tsuro VR review.

The board game of Tsuro: The Game of the Path has a simple premise. You must lay tiles down to keep your stone traveling a path, choosing from a hand of three tiles, without running into the walls of the board or into an opponent. And while it is a simple premise at first, putting down tiles on a six by six grid, as the board fills up and you have to see how your tiles connect with those already placed down, it becomes harder and harder to find a way to connect to an existing path that keeps you alive and not looping through several tiles until you hit the end and burst.

Thunderbox Entertainment brought this solid board game, originally designed by Tom McMurchie, to iOS and Android in 2016. Last year, they released it for Steam VR. But now last month month, they have brought the game to all Oculus platforms, from Rift to Go, but here I am reviewing the Oculus Quest version using a Quest 2.

Whenever a board game makes the jump from actual tabletops to a virtual one, there are three questions one must ask: (1) How well does this port reflect the original game? (2) What did they add to improve the game beyond the original? and (3) And how well does this port support the social aspects of board games?

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