Dungeons and Dragons can be odd, with rust monsters and mimics. But it doesn’t have creatures that contain black holes in their chests, weather that mutates people, or living machines.

Monte Cook Games is a tabletop RPG publisher that specializes in the weird. It their first game, Numenera, players walk around an earth a billion years in the future where eight other civilizations have come and gone. Rules focus on story, action, and the bizarre adventure you find in this truely unique setting. Exploring scifi ruins millions of years old that are crawling with forgotten monstrosities has never been so fun.

MCG followed that up by upping the ante. In The Strange, players control government agents exploring countless worlds that are based on other works of fiction. The GM can bring you to Middle Earth or Silent Hill or Neverland. Their next big release was the Cypher System Rulebook, that had additional options for campaigns of many different genres, from Lovecraftian Horror to High Fantasy.

Ever wanted to control gravity? Manipulate time? Talk to machines? The rules of the cypher system let you do some pretty extreme things in these exotic worlds. Would you rather become a simple warrior or a warrior that can also turn into lightning?

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