At an event in New York City this morning Acer showed its latest tech offerings. This included a VR headset that is part of Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform, simply called the Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset. After some hands-on time with the Development Edition of the headset, how does it stack up compared to the consumer Rift and Vive?


At a demo for a prototype Microsoft VR headset at the Game Developers Conference in late February, we reported that the headset’s biggest innovation, the inside-out tracking, worked well — albeit we tested it with a very short cord.

This time we got a little more room to move around and the tracking for the new Acer dev kit remains as robust as it was in our previous demo. With the new demo I had roughly four feet in either direction to walk around. Despite jumping around, laying down on the floor, and quickly stepping sideways, the headset didn’t completely lose tracking. It stuttered a bit when coming up from the floor, just a few inches off the ground, but otherwise performed well. My demo station was only about two feet from a wall and the initial calibration of the room took a few tries, but once that succeeded tracking was solid.

The demo was set inside a building called the “cliffhouse.” As I walked around the building trying out apps the tracking never failed. Inside-out tracking continues to be a promising solution to make VR more convenient.

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