We speak to game designer Jon Chey and game consultant Richard Garfield (father of Magic: The Gathering) about merging two kinds of play.

Your adventurers battle a band of goblins upon a paper field. This would traditionally occur on a tabletop in a game store or someone’s home, a troupe of roleplayers managing to finally get together, huddled around their lengthy character sheets and stacks of rules books. But more and more, people are roleplaying online. And developers are finding ways to make more accessible games with simpler rules that leverage the reach of the Internet to get that thrill of miniature battle anytime, anywhere.

The newly released Card Hunter does just that, but rather than play to the conventions of a videogame RPG, it weds online browser-based play to the mechanics of a collectible card game. You and your opponent take turns playing cards on a wood-grain table. Snacks are illustrated on-screen; dice move around the table depending on who used them last.

There’s also a campaign mode with D&D-esque adventures and online multiplayer, complete with leaderboards. The result is a hybrid that feels equal parts Magic: The Gathering, Shining Force, and actual, in-person Dungeons and Dragons. It scratches several itches at once, and all it requires is a web browser.

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