There is a child-like wonder in creating something out of nothing. Where there was empty air is now a kitty cat. It may be lumpy, with a mouth that looks like a bubble, but you made it. And that is the joy of crafting art, delighting in the creation itself. That joy finally comes to the Oculus platform with Medium.

Medium is a free program that works with the upcoming Oculus Touch motion controls in which you can sculpt art. Created by Oculus, it allows you to create objects big and small, sculpting and coloring digital clay into whatever forms you desire. Though the program uses clay as a metaphor, the results feel more like the foam you would find at a craft store, with a rough texture, though some of the tools treat it like a fluid-esque solid of clay.

This is an art program, so it’s effectiveness comes down to the tools and user skill. Your main hand is your sculpting tool, the right hand in my case, and your off hand is the support hand. With the main tool you are adding or erasing the “clay”, of different shapes, sizes, and colors. The buttons on the right hand let you change the size or the color of the clay. Another button opens a menu to change the shape.

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