A thoughtful look at a world waiting to be discovered, and solved.

When an archer draws a string back, they are carefully charging an object with force, the bowstring, to propel another object, the arrow nocked on the bowstring, forward toward a target. An archer chooses where to strike, prepares the strike, then strikes, either hitting the target or landing wide. An archer shoots with purpose.

Pathless is the latest game from Giant Squid, the indie developers behind underwater adventure Abzu. You control an archer called the Hunter, exploring an island, to find and save some giant animal spirits, and stop the evil machinations of the villain. You have your bow to shoot things, your bird to help you glide around, and your brain to solve puzzles. You walk through fields, you run across bridges, you sneak by huge monsters.

As the Hunter, there is a simple structure to the game for you to work your way through: saving each spirit one at a time. But how you manage the saving, how you travel through this land, is up to you. The developers let you loose, not with a single target, but dozens. You are an arrow that can pick it’s own path, ignoring the obvious bullseye to find harder targets to hit.

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