A thoughtful look at the latest Marvel game, which gives the other webslinger a chance to shine in his own story.

When I was a kid reading comics, my favorite character was Spider-Man. The concept of a young hero dealing with issues in his personal life while also engaging in superheroics, felt more approachable and more real.
When Insomniac developed, and PlayStation published, Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4, the creators embraced that. The game had the cinematic action akin to recent Marvel films, but it also had the character stuff. Peter Parker dealing with friends and family, or local events, and not just fighting crime and supervillains.

One such character introduced in that game was Miles Morales, and it wasn’t just a cameo setting up for the future. There were crucial sequences involving him, as his life is changed by his policeman father being killed and him getting his own spider powers. Two years later, this Spider-Man has his own game too.

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