Sledgehammer puts its Dead Space expertise to good use.

You slowly make your way through a ruin, looking for a way out. You are alone. The dim light could hide all manner of enemies looking to kill you. You can’t help but fire at shadows.

This is the mood in one part of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In a level called “Bio Lab,” the player’s exosuit loses power. Suddenly, the advanced soldier isn’t so advanced anymore. You wind up moving through dark rooms without any knowledge of the situation around you. Enemies could jump out from a dark corridor at any time and gun you down. The result is minutes of tense movement, interrupted by jump scares just like those from Dead Space.

Which makes sense, given that the game is being made by Dead Space’s creators. But it also fits the tone of the Call of Duty series, even if it is a new one. Sledgehammer Games’s Chief Creative Officer Glen Schofield said, “When we talked with some of the veterans, they talk about being in a battle is a big rush, but they also talk about being scared. What’s around the corner? You don’t know.”

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