In the latest installment of bestselling military shooter Call of Duty, game developers Infinity Ward bring players a ruined U.S. and new levels of cinematic immersion with the help of screenwriter Stephen Gaghan.

Given the status of previous titles in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series as the best-selling games of their respective years, game studio Infinity Ward could’ve just made Modern Warfare 4, but instead the developer wanted to do something different. And so the game’s architects set out to create a new level and tone in game play but also a more personal story, written by an Oscar-winning screenwriter.

“A the end of Modern Warfare 3 we were in the studio and it was time to make a new game. What do we want to do?” says Mark Rubin, executive producer of the latest title in the COD franchise, Call of Duty: Ghosts. “We wanted to create this new world and that world had to be meaningful to players. And we wanted to turn the normal Call of Duty on its head. You are not the superpower anymore, you are not the big massive army. We realized that we couldn’t do Modern Warfare 4. We had to do something new.”

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