Faster hardware is leading to a revolution in game development, as we saw at the E3 conference this year. A new video game console launch is a rare thing in the industry, but with it comes more powerful technology to allow game creators to make games with more powerful engines and interesting new features. We talked to several developers to learn what they have up their sleeves.

The big story at the huge E3 video game conference earlier this month was the new console war brewing between Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. But what does new hardware really mean for video games? With the increase in power, developers worldwide are creating new game engines that feature improved graphics and surprising capabilities. We spoke to game creators about what they are able to do now and what innovations are coming to games. Here are the trends that emerged.


These new video game consoles are the first to be built with the social internet in mind, allowing for unprecedented levels of sharing. Sony has even included a Share button on its new controller. Microsoft’s Xbox One has an OS made for multitasking, including video chatting and social networking in a sidebar while you play, allowing for the instant spread of screenshots or video as you play.

Craig Sullivan, creative director on Need for Speed Rivals, says, “Driving cars around in excess of 200 MPH, there is only a certain amount we can design. Ultimately it’s about those moments where there’s two cars in the right place and right time and they have a spectacular crash. On next generation machines you can easily share videos of these moments that we didn’t design specifically.”

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