The cult RPG “Exalted” has been brought back to life for a Third edition by Onyx Path Publishing, through a Kickstarter project. “Exalted” hit its goal of $60,000 in only 18 minutes and raised $380,000 in one week. I spoke to Richard Thomas, the founder and creative director of Onyx Path, about the resurrection of “Exalted” and the decision to use Kickstarter.

“Exalted” was first published in 2001 by White Wolf, famous for their line of World of “Darkness” games such as “Vampire: the Masquerade” and “Werewolf: the Apocalypse.” With “Exalted,” the company decided to do something different, a mix of Western mythologies such as the Greek epics and Eastern traditions like anime or martial arts sagas. The game would grow a cult following that would spawn two editions and dozens of books. And now, “Exalted” has returned through Kickstarter, from Onyx Path and creative director Richard Thomas.

MTV Geek: What’s your background with “Exalted”?

Richard Thomas: Back in the dim mists of time, I started as an illustrator for White Wolf Magazine and rapidly became its art director. When White Wolf the company was formed, I continued as art director until assuming the creative director role. But like all of us at WW, our job titles weren’t all that we did–a lot of hats were worn by our crew–and we all contributed to new game designs, marketing, and such. With “Exalted,” it was just so exciting to be able to create a fantasy world from scratch, and it was really important, I thought, to have our development team working from the beginning with myself and a couple of concept artists. We were able to define “Exalted’s” unique look that mixes the look of Bronze-age epic heroes and “Final Fantasy,” China and Gilgamesh, with a touch of Conan and the Monkey-King, by working hand-in-hand with the writing team.

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