Designers Monte Cook and Bruce Cordell want to take you places in their new game “The Strange”—their worlds, your own, and those of your favorite films, books, and video games.

There is this alien artifact weaved into the fabric of space. The Strange is a dark energy network filled with different worlds. These imaginary worlds are called Recursions. And from this spring of creativity there can be anything, any fictional world a roleplayer could ever wish to go to.

Creator Bruce Cordell said, “There are all of these little instances of a world. I can imagine, as you walk farther and farther away form the main point of the recursion, you walk into mist, the world just slowly starts to lose its focus. And then suddenly you are in The Strange.”

The Strange is a new tabletop roleplaying game from Monte Cook Games. It launched on Kickstarter on October 16, hit its goal of $60,000 in less than 5 hours, and has since raised $200,000 and counting. It’s a game built on Cook’s own Cypher rule system which debuted with the Numenera book, an RPG that was Kickstarted last year to the tune of $517,000.

More importantly, The Strange, like Numenera before it, was really built on the idea of freedom to play. Numenera allows players to make characters with unique powers, like “controls gravity” or “rides lightning.” In tabletop gaming there’s often a game master—someone who runs the game and tells the story—and in Numenera the game master could create sudden complications if they chose to, raising the stakes in an encounter. Numenera‘s setting had few boundaries as well, taking place on an earth one billion years into the future, when players could meet any sort of nano-technology-based, alien-made, multi-dimensional anything.

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