How Dungeons and Dragons lets you map the fantastic places in the corners of your mind.

Every game is a space you explore, a foreign country that you spend time visiting. It could be a single screen with falling shapes that you learn to navigate or an open world to wander through, learning to understand the local customs. With tabletop roleplaying games, it is an all-inclusive package to a destination, only limited by your imagination.

Walking through the wastes of a forgotten continent, my comrades and I have faced unspeakable horrors. I’ve explored the corners of my own kingdom to discover the ruins of fallen empires. And in the deepest dark below the earth, I have faced legendary beasts and feared for my life.

With the release of the Dungeon Master’s Guide for the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons, the trio of core books that also includes the Player’s Handbook and the Monster Manual, these famous guidebooks for traveling to fantastic worlds have been reinvented once again. But the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and D&D as a whole, is about more than traveling through worlds. It’s about mapping them.

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