I am trying to get a car started. It’s not any car, though. It’s a gorgeous, vintage luxury automobile. It’s also owned by an evil mastermind named Dr. Zor. I am trying to steal it. From a plane. In flight. Because I’m a spy. It’s not every game where you dodge lasers and diffuse a bomb while trying to drive off into the sky. This is I Expect You To Die.

IEYTD is a puzzle game for Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, made by Schell Games. In this interactive spy thriller, you find yourself grabbing and manipulating objects in interesting ways to solve puzzles while you complete a mission.

The company classifies it as an Escape the Room game, which is as good a label as any for the series of puzzle missions you have to do. You simply stand in one location, turn in place, reach or duck, and interact with objects. There isn’t any walking or teleporting. There are just the rooms surrounding you.

So what do you do as a spy solving puzzles? The first mission is “Operation: Friendly Skies,” the aforementioned car in a plane level. This is the same mission that was in the demo of I Expect You To Die that helped introduce Oculus Touch at the Oculus Connect conference in the fall of 2015.

Without spoiling too much, you have to find the keys for the car, dodge security measures after you turn the ignition, use a screwdriver to remove a panel to access more controls, which results in that bomb being deployed. Then you need to disarm it before it blows. No problem, right?

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