One of my favorite songs of all time is hammering away in the background and I’m swinging sticks, furiously accompanying the beat. I am feeling the music and my vision mostly glazes away to nothing but red and purple bursts of color. I guess I am inside the music, if only for a few seconds.

Music Inside is a VR rhythm game made by indie developer Reality Reflections. You play air drums. There are two rows of five drums each, so 10 drums you wail away on with virtual drumsticks. The left stick is red and the right stick is purple, and as those colors fill the virtual drum pad, you hit it. The larger the circle, you get more points — a pad that is completely filled is a Perfect hit.

Sometimes the colors filing two pads are striped, as you have to do a simultaneous hit with both sticks. If you miss a color, or hit it with the wrong stick, the combo of hits in a row you have been building up ends and the combo restarts. The game is honestly as simple as that.

At least, it was for me. You see, the game can be made more complex if you want. By pressing a trigger button on the Oculus Touch controller, the stick on the left will turn from red to yellow, or the one on the right will go from purple to green.

Playing the game with these four colors instead of just two changes it tremendously. Obviously it is more difficult, but it also makes it more of a game than the act of playing along with a performance. It adds a layer of hesitancy before each hit. Do I need to press the trigger? Let go of the trigger? And on which hand? It becomes a pro-level of whack-a-mole, rather than a music game.

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