Since the days of Nintendo’s Wii, there has been a promise of video games being able to replicate the actual movement of sports. Wii Sports had a variety of games, but it turned out the motion controls were largely simple, much like the cartoony art of the games included.

When such a sports game comes out for VR it is on this spectrum too. Are the controls detailed and realistic to bring an outdoor game inside our homes with all the nuance intact? Or are the movements simplified, the results exaggerated?

When I tried Everybody’s Golf VR for PlayStation VR at a preview event last week, it felt like a game that was trying to carefully drive straight down the middle.

You stand at the Tee with a single Move controller, held downward to mimic a golf club. You swing a few times, getting a feel for the force you need to swing with. The game tracks the speed at which you swing, tracking the force with a horizontal bar that is labelled 0 to 100%. The game has conveniently given you the appropriate club, turned you to face in the correct direction, and puts a flag icon on that horizontal bar showing the ideal amount of force needed — at the start of a hole it is likely the full 100%. As you near the green, it may be more like 83% or 46%.

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