What launch of an innovative new game platform would be complete without a motion-controlled sports game? To fulfill that need, Oculus Studios and developer Armature bring to the Quest: Sports Scramble.

A giant robot tennis ball with arms greets you to give you the ins and outs of the three sports available: Tennis, Baseball, and Bowling. Each sport has its own set of training tutorials to teach you the simplified versions of these sports.

In Tennis, you learn about swinging your racket, serving, and slicing the ball so it curves. In the unfettered world of Quest, you can move to the side to reach a ball, swinging wildly, hoping the ball doesn’t hit out. The game automatically adjusts to the size of the room, providing you more room to run if your space allows it.

The tutorials also teach you about the scrambling gimmick of the game. In Tennis, if the ball hits a floating blue icon, your racket may become something else: a hockey stick, a pool noodle, or even a sports fan’s foam finger. Each has its own properties when hitting a ball.

Similarly, the tennis ball can change too, from hitting an orange icon, mixing up the way it behaves after contact. A golf ball, a football, or even a beach ball. This makes the back and forth of Tennis that much more interesting and silly. But there is some strategy to this madness, as a scrambled ball and racket that match will give you a Charge Shot which has extra speed on the return, like the aforementioned pool noodle and beach ball.

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