Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo helped create the last few editions of venerable roleplaying game “Dungeons and Dragons.” And now they have authored their own fantasy RPG, “13th Age.” We spoke to them about how their created the game and its emphasis on storytelling.

“Dungeons and Dragons” has gone through several editions over the years. Jonathan Tweet was the lead designer on third edition and Rob Heinsoo was lead on the fourth edition. Both eventually left “D&D” publisher Wizards of the Coast. And now this pair of friends could create something together. Heinsoo said, “A couple years ago I cofounded a game design company named Fire Opal Media. Jonathan and I have gamed together for years and we wanted to work together again, so we decided to create the game we wanted to play together.”

The result was “13th Age”, a game that shares some DNA with “D&D”, but has some unique features that make it stand out. Every character has a power or skill that is unique to them, and they each have relationships with the most important characters in the game’s fantasy setting, thus helping shape how their Game Master runs the game.

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