Brothers Matt and Brian James have created an original game with “Red Aegis,”¬†combining the adventure of an RPG like “Dungeons and Dragons” with the worldbuilding of a strategy game like “Civilization.”

“You play not just one hero, but successive generations of heroes, forging a dynasty that spans millennia–from the setting’s ancient past all the way to the distant future,” said Brian James, lead designer on Red Aegis. This unique approach has already netted them nearly $50,000 on Kickstarter, twice their original goal, with a week left in the project.

A mash-up of such disparate genres requires a precise system. And strategy games are known for their complex trees of skills, research, etc. “Aegis” is not so different. James said, “A complete game of ‘Red Aegis’ is played out over ten sessions. As the game advances from one age to the next, your tribe improves in one of three core disciplines: Science, Arcana, or Faith. Improve science and gain access to new weapon technologies; improve arcane to unlock new and more powerful schools of magic, and so on.”

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