Thursday, July 11, Catalyst Game Labs will publish the digital version of “Shadowrun” fifth edition, with printed books coming to stores sometime in August.

Jason Hardy, Shadowrun’s Line Developer, said, “We worked to make this version of the rules approachable to newcomers as well as robust for veterans, so I hope the game appeals to anyone who is intrigued by the possibilities the setting presents.” Hardy has managed the creation of “Shadowrun” books for four years, including the development of the new edition.

Since the original “Shadowrun” RPG was released in 1989, “Shadowrun” has been known for its intriguing mix of genres–a dystopian future where mega-corporations have the most power and cybernetically enhanced mercenaries do illegal jobs for them, but magic and shamanism have also emerged, along with fantasy races such as elves and trolls. Think William Gibson meets “Dungeons and Dragons.”

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